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Introduction to iMovie and GarageBand

This is a brief introduction to both the softwares, iMovie and GarageBand. For Mac or iPhone users these are both great softwares for creating and editing video and audio files. Luckily, both of these softwares are built into Apple products so no downloading is required and if used effectively, they can both produce professional content. 

Due to the accessibility of these softwares being on both Mac’s and iPhone’s you have the choice of filming your video content or recording your audio content through an actual camera and microphone that you can hire from the University, or through your iPhone camera and Voice Memos on your phone.


 First things first:

Importing media:

Key editing tips:




First things first:

Recording voice:

Adding the audio YOU have
created to iMovie:

Luckily, both iMovie and GarageBand are very simple to use. Most buttons and key features that you need to create an audio-visual piece are labelled and easily reversible if you decide you do not like something you have edited. 

It is important to note that there is NO save button with either of these softwares, however, if you close them down the content you have created will NOT be deleted. 

Depending on the length of your audio-visual piece, depends on how long the content will take to export – please consider this before you decide to export last minute, as from personal experience, it is very frustrating! 

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