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WebComs – Portfolio Competition Winners

I must rely on a Shia Lebouf gif and a cliche when reflecting on some of the work produced as part of the Web and Mobile Communications unit 2016 / 2017.  Choosing the winners was genuinely very difficult. Of the 120 or so portfolio’s produced here, 37 were of a 1st class standard, and 14 were in the 80+ range. There will be a follow-up post to show off some more of this fantastic work.

However, the competition winners must be announced – even if I have been slightly sneaky so I can give out more awards! As a reminder the winners will receive 1 year of hosting and 1 year domain name rental*. So let’s begin! *drum-roll*

Social Media Virtuoso 2017

Marnie Pili – Namasté

“Demonstrates an deft integration of content production and social media engagement. Over the course of the assignment, Marnie received 1,621 views – with 486 on a single day!”

Best Content Creator: Podcast

Clara Chen – Colourimetry

“Clara (and friends!) have produced a genuinely insightful, engaging and charming podcast that tackles a complex and serious issue in an accessible and personable way. #WhyAreYouThereMattDamon?”


Best Content Creator: Infographic

Hannah Old – Fighting the Stigma

“Here Hannah has produced a well structured, visually engaging, and information rich infographic that illustrates not only the issue at hand, but the maturity through which she has approached it”


Best Content Creator: Video

Ana Moore – The Media Storm Around Refugees

“Ana went truly above and beyond what was expected for this assignment by producing two well-edited, interesting video interviews with local students and Conservative Chirstchurch MP Christopher Chope”


Most Creative Blogger 2017

Runners Up

I cannot reiterate enough how exceptional some of the work was and how difficult it was to decide who won. As a consolation prize I would like to sign-post the following blog as coming very close.

Ella Kenny – Leafy Dreams

Sian Bennet – Dead Popular

Courtney Hayes – Complicationships


Emily Cox – ScrollModels

A visually and conceptually well conceived and crafted website with clear potential for life beyond a university assignment.”


Thanks again to all of my students this year, you were a truly fantastic bunch to teach!





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