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Month: December 2016

4 and a ½ Social Media Disasters
#Awkward #LearningOpportunities

“If it doesn’t spread, it’s dead” – Henry Jenkins

Social media platforms provide excellent opportunities for having your voice heard and your content shared. If you are anything like me the prospect of sharing content to millions of people with the expectation of them replying, sharing, remixing induces a sense of anxiety. At the same time though sharing content that goes viral can be an exhilarating and even re-sharing an already popular tweet (that just, like, speaks to you as a person) can make you feel a part of something bigger. So, the prospect of social media may be intimidating but there are plentiful opportunities out there.

Take solace then, and some tips, from the fact that your social media activities are unlikely to be as awkward – or downright disastrous – as the stories feature here.

7 Pug-Themed Tips for Using Images in your Blog

Featured image taken by Flickr user Donfer Lu.

It is easy for us to sometimes think of blogs as primarily text-based. This is certainly an assumption that I have had to overcome as posts that make effective use of images are more memorable and are more likely to be shared. The inclusion of images does creates multiple other issues though! How many images are too many? How should images be used? How can I avoid infringeing on copyright? Do I have to worry about file sizes? How many images of pug can I tenuously use in a single post?

Hopefully answering these questions, here I present 5 Tips for using images in your blogs.