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WebComs – Web Portfolio Competition

For students taking this year’s Web and Mobile Communications unit there are three competitions taking place. All winners will receive  a year of free hosting, and a custom domain name of their choice – depending on availability. You will also receive a glowing, industry orientated, reference from myself speaking to your expertise in digital media.

Most Creative / Innovative Blogger 2017

Gone beyond the brief and demonstrated creative or innovative thinking in the production of their blog. This could include the use of innovative technologies such as  360 Videos, Virtual Reality Applications, or Augmented Reality Applications. Or imaginative and creative content  in their blog posts.

Social Media Virtuoso 2017

A simple look at blogging metrics to celebrate your ability to share and promote content. This compeition looks for the blog post that has the most views. Please note only blogs posted AFTER 5:00pm on Friday 2nd of December 2016 will be included. Total views will be counted at exactly, 5:00pm January 16th 2017.

Best Content Creator 2017

Here we look for the best creative digital media content creator of 2017. This looks at any and all audio or visual elements in your blog. Please note, that this does not just mean technical production but also the creative and appropriate use of digital media to support your blog’s message.

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